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"Far Oor Local History And Scots Language Comes The Gither!"

  • The Fairmer’s Wife

    The Fairmers wife played a leading role in the famila n on the fairm. She hid t dee aa the cookin on the open peat fire, far she bilied aa the water t dee the wikly wash. It wis her that hid t feed the hens n milked the coos twice a day.
  • Carney Heritage Productions photo of working clydesdale horses

    The Clydesdale Horse

    The horsemin n his Clydesdales wid wark on aa Scottish fairms up t the introduction o the tractor fae the early 1900s. This skilled man n his pair hid a strong workin bond, he kint them and they kint him. The first horsemin aboot a placie wis quite a chiel on the fairm n roon aboot his locil area.
  • Steam Power

    Drift back t Victorian Scotland far the power source that drove Scottish industrialisation wis that o steam. Engines like s een wis owned bee the showmen faa travilled Scotland bringing the fun n fascination o the fair t your forefathers.
  • Schoolin’

    Aa rural communities hid their ain school far the country loons n quines sat at desks like s using a bit o slate t write on wee a slate pencil caed a skillie. Education wis delivered b a strict Missie faa ruled the pupils wee fear. That system o education canna be criticised over muckle since monny pupils, oor ancestirs, wint on t lead Scotland t extra-ordinary heichts.